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Featured Project: HSS Mobile

Redesign & Rebuild High School Sports Mobile Site

HSS MobileIn the spring of 2011, we worked to redesign's mobile site with goals of better performance, user-experience and design. My role was to research leading competitor sites, discover best practices, provide three design variations for user testing, and produce the final designs with annotated standards.

After evaluating the user tests, our requirements expert produced wireframes and I produced final designs along with annotated design standards.

The end result was a new mobile site that launched on time, functioning, with significantly better functionality than the old mobile site. ( on your mobile phone)

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Featured Project: Achieves Significant Growth

HelpUsAdoptWhen Becky Fawcett started in 2007, my job as the designer/webmaster was to create a simple web presence for the charity. Yet we had to grow and develop to be poised to capture new visits to the site in advance of major publicity.

Over the past few years, HelpUsAdopt has received coverage on The Today Show, Extra, CNN Heroes, and in several major magazines. As designer and webmaster, my goal is to engage as many of those new visitors as possible.

In 2011, improvements to the site have increased page views per visit by over 10%, reduced the bounce rates from the home page, and increased traffic to purchase, events, donation and application pages. Purchases have increased and the amount spent per purchase has significantly increased. These improvements were made possible through user experience and design changes.

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Featured Project: Wingspan Redesign

Wingspan's Website Rebuilt from the Ground Up

WingspanIn the summer of 2011, I was hired to design and manage the external team redesigning Wingspan's web site. We were required to build the site in Word Press to enable convenience of updates for their marketing staff.

In addition to a fresh face and clean style, taking advantage of the latest CSS and JQuery, I was also tasked with re-designing Wingspan's product icons, touching up staff photos, and creating educational product flow diagrams.

As of October, 2011, the site is in a staging area, awaiting final content in several sections before going live.

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More About the Designer


What better way to research work history and peruse a few references?

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Interactive Games

Seymour Blue

Creating interactive or educational games has been a challenging and rewarding part of my career over the last decade. A few of the games that I've created are publicly available. Check them out!

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Creative Hobbies


I like to step away from the computer and still put some creative energy to use with tabletop models, drawings, or other projects.

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